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                    This is the place to find many free resources, including our media centre with resources and links for journalists.

                    Briefings, documents and videos may be viewed, downloaded or ordered. Download high resolution images of all the animals commonly used in research from our popular image library.

                    Please see below for your recommended content:

                    Top Images

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                      Ventilators Animal Research.png
                      Ventilators Animal Research.png Filename: Ventilators_Animal_Research.png Filesize: 219.72 KB Dimensions: 1200x628 Credit: Mary Harvie, UAR Category: ,
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                      COVID Vaccine animal research (1).png
                      COVID Vaccine animal research (1).png Filename: COVID_Vaccine_animal_research_1.png Filesize: 205.31 KB Dimensions: 1080x1080 Credit: Category: ,
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                      How long does it take to create a vaccine_ (8).png
                      How long does it take to create a vaccine_ (8).png Filename: How_long_does_it_take_to_create_a_vaccine__8.png Filesize: 149.61 KB Dimensions: 940x788 Credit: Mary Harvie, UAR Category: Infographics, infographics