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                    Janet Wood Innovation Award: Can you improve animal welfare?

                    16 November 2016

                    Posted by: Tom Holder

                    Category: Staff blog

                    Datesand Ltd, a company that makes products for animal laboratories, such as bedding, diet and animal enrichment, is running a competition to create an innovative new product that promotes at least one of the 3Rs – Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of animals in research.

                    The winner, who will be announced at IAT Congress 2017, will not only see their product put into production, but will also receive 10% of the revenues.

                    The competition is open to animal technicians and industry professionals. Entries must be submitted before 1st February 2017, and more application details can be found here: http://jwiaward.co.uk?

                    ?janet wood.png

                    According to Jonathon Wood, CEO at Datesand Ltd, “The competition aims to give people in the life science industry, who do not normally get the opportunity, a chance to get recognition for their creativity and commitment to the 3Rs. As an industry leader in husbandry and environmental enrichment Datesand will provide a route to the global market.”

                    The competition is named after Janet Wood, the cofounder of Datesand Ltd, who passed away in 2010. Her family continue to run the company. The competition is being run in association with LASA, IAT and Agenda.