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                    This week in animal research 18/12/15

                    18 December 2015

                    Posted by: UAR news team

                    Category: Research & medical benefits

                    This week in animal research 181215

                    New microscope can record the first days of a mouse embryo's life

                    For the first time, scientists can observe the first two to three days of a mouse embryo's life, as it develops from a fertilised egg up to the stage when it would implant in its mother's uterus.


                    MERS virus vaccine trial

                    European scientists genetically modified a version of the smallpox vaccine to display Mers virus protein on its surface. The vaccine was able to protect camels - the animal reservoir for the virus - from developing Mers virus symptoms.


                    Badger Cull 'met target'

                    Nearly 1,500 badgers were killed this year as part of the government's badger cull, Defra has announced.


                    Toxic algal bloom kills sea lions

                    Sea lions on US west coast beaches that ingest domoic acid may face neurological problems that impair behavior and survival abilities.


                    Dengue vaccine

                    The first vaccine for preventing the tropical disease dengue fever has been approved for use in Mexico.?


                    Designer cells treat psoriasis

                    Engineered cells detect early biomarkers of a psoriasis flare-up in mice and release compounds to soothe or prevent the skin reaction.