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                    #WW award for Overlooking the Importance of Animal Research

                    23 November 2011

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                    Category: Communications & media

                    globe–wednesday–winner.jpgWe liked a piece in the Huffington Post by Kirk Leech. Overlooking the Importance of Animal Research in the UK politics section of the Huffington Post comments on the recent ruling partly in favour of the BUAV freedom of information request to Newcastle University about their research with primates.

                    Kirk goes on to remind the reader about the essential role that animal research continues to play in medical advances and life enhancing procedures with numerous examples such as the use of deep brain stimulation to control the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

                    With groups like the BUAV continually belittling the role that animals play in medical research it's good to read such a clear dismissal of their position.

                    The article can be read online here.