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                    Brown Report into animal research at Imperial College

                    10 December 2013

                    Posted by: UAR news team

                    Category: Communications & media

                    lab–mouse–mice.jpgIn April 2013, Imperial College ordered a full and independent inquiry into its animal research practices. The report, led by Steve Brown, has now been published and makes a series of recommendations.

                    Understanding Animal Research? welcomes the Brown report, published this morning, and its recommendations for improving practices within Biological Services at Imperial. Developing a more robust ethical review process and a post that oversees animal welfare at senior management levels will do much to improve the culture of care, both at Imperial and at other institutions.?While the majority of animal facilities work to very high standards, supported by dedicated staff, the present recommendations will help to identify potential gaps and areas for improvement for the entire sector.

                    The UK has world-leading standards of animal welfare, and its research institutions work within a strict legislative framework which aims to ensure that the animals are well cared for. Where things do occasionally go wrong, the sector and the regulators strive to ensure that things are put right and practices are improved.

                    Animal research plays a vital role in the development of modern medicine and we believe the swift implementation of the report’s recommendations can only further improve the important scientific work being carried out.

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