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                    Recommended reading

                    26 June 2009

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                    Category: Animal welfare & alternatives

                    natioal–centre–three–r–cover.jpgThe?National Centre for the Three Rs?has produced a handy?'beginners guide' to the?3Rs -?Refinement, Reduction and?Replacement - and how they can benefit science, innovation and?animal welfare.

                    The challenge of animal research?is aimed at those who are new?to the 3Rs. But it will also be of interest to anyone unfamiliar with?the activities of our national centre of excellence for the three?Rs, ranging from funding research, to running workshops, to?providing advice.

                    natioal–centre–three–r–spread.jpgThe small booklet packs in definitions of each 'R', the benefits of?the 3Rs, and examples of the 3Rs in practice. One of these is?the tissue-engineered model of human lung tissue, developed at?Cardiff University. This replacement alternative, used to study?respiratory injury, repair and disease mechanisms, was?highlighted in a recent debate on the three Rs at the?Cheltenham Science Festival. I regret I wasn't able to attend this?debate - comments are welcome from anyone who did.