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                    Membership and funding

                    What we do

                    Understanding Animal Research provides information and educational materials based on research and an understanding of the historical and scientific facts.

                    Understanding Animal Research seeks to engage with and inform many sectors to bring about its vision. Key stakeholders include members of the public, the media, policy makers, schools and the scientific research community.

                    Legal and Financial Information

                    Our latest annual report and our current constitution are available to download from the links at the bottom of this page.

                    How to join Understanding Animal Research

                    Our members are drawn from various sectors including academic, pharmaceutical, charities, research funders, professional and learned societies. Individuals can also become supporters of UAR.

                    Organisations who wish to join Understanding Animal Research should email for further information.

                    You can follow our work and receive regular updates by signing up to our monthly e-newsletter.

                    Help UAR support researchers and stand up for science

                    As a supporter you can help to fund our activities and become part of a wider community of citizens, scientists, technicians and patients who see the current need for research on animals. If you want to take an active role in showing why we use animals in research, then being a supporter is for you. Please see how here.


                    Understanding Animal Research is funded by its members and through project grants. Our latest accounts can be seen here.

                    Our members

                    AAALAC International?

                    Academy of Medical Royal Colleges?

                    Academy of Medical Sciences?

                    Agenda Resource Management?

                    Alderley Park?

                    Anatomical Society?

                    Association of Medical Research Charities?

                    Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry?


                    Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching?

                    Babraham Institute?


                    BioIndustry Association?

                    Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council?

                    British Association for Psychopharmacology?

                    British Heart Foundation?

                    British Pharmacological Society?

                    British Society for Cell Biology?

                    British Society for Immunology?

                    British Toxicology Society?

                    Brunel University?

                    Cancer Research UK?

                    Cardiff University?

                    CC Tech?

                    Charles River Laboratories?

                    Covance Laboratories?


                    Eisai Europe?

                    Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council?


                    Francis Crick Institute?

                    Genetic Alliance UK?

                    Glass Eels?


                    Harper Adams University?

                    Horserace Betting Levy Board?

                    Imperial College London?

                    Institute of Animal Technology?

                    Institute for Cancer Research?

                    IPS Product Supplies?

                    Kings College London?

                    Laboratory Animal Science Association?

                    Laboratory Animal Veterinary Association?

                    Marshall BioResources?

                    Medical Research Council?

                    Ministry for Primary Industries?

                    MS Society?

                    National Institute for Biological Standards & Control?

                    Natural Environment Research Council?

                    Newcastle University?

                    Nutrition Society?

                    Open University?

                    Parkinsons UK?


                    Physiological Society?

                    Pirbright Institute?


                    Public Health England?

                    Queen’s University Belfast?

                    Robert Gordon University?

                    Royal College of Physicians?

                    Royal College of Surgeons?

                    Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland?

                    Royal Society of Biology?

                    Russell Group?

                    Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service?

                    S3 Science?

                    Sanger Institute?


                    Society for Endocrinology?

                    St George's, University of London?

                    Swansea University?


                    UCB Pharma?

                    Unite the Union?

                    University College London?

                    University of Bath?

                    University of Birmingham?

                    University of Bristol?

                    University of Cambridge?

                    University of Edinburgh?

                    University of Exeter?

                    University of Glasgow?

                    University of Hertfordshire?

                    University of Leeds?

                    University of Leicester?

                    University of Liverpool?

                    University of Manchester?

                    University of Nottingham?

                    University of Oxford?

                    University of Portsmouth?

                    University of Reading?

                    University of Sheffield?

                    University of Southampton?

                    University of Stirling?

                    University of Strathclyde?

                    University of Surrey?

                    University of Sussex?


                    Versus Arthritis?

                    Wellcome Trust?

                    Wickham Laboratories?

                    William Harvey Research Foundation